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John McDougall

Moving Histories: Heritage, Migration & Storytelling

In the last four years, upwards of twenty thousand men, women, and children have lost their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean. Many more are missing. Given Lightwaves’ themes of heritage and migration it is hard to ignore this fact—not merely because of the horror that comes with analyzing these numbers, but also because of the shifts in political and social…
September 18, 2018

Lightwaves International Residency Exchange

Street Level Photoworks and VU Photography Centre are delighted to announce the four artists taking part in our Lightwaves International Residency Exchange programme across 2017/18. Josée Pedneault and Bertrand Carrière from Quebec will be coming to Glasgow while Mat Hay and Melanie Letore will be travelling to Quebec, each for a month long residency at the respective host venues. The…
July 19, 2017