Melanie Letore completed her residency in October 2017 and hence this blog is now ordered in reverse chronology.

Melanie Letore a complété sa résidence en octobre 2017. Vous pouvez désormais consulter ses publications sur le blogue en chronologie inversée.

Melanie Letore

Week 1 – reflections and greenery

Josée lays her hands on the map of Glasgow / Josée pose ses mains sur la maquette de Glasgow Hello, this is Melanie Letoré here. I will be travelling to Canada in October, as part of Lightwaves International Residency Exchange Program. I live in Glasgow and come from the border between Switzerland and France, the countryside around Geneva. I spent the…
August 21, 2017
Melanie Letore

Week 2 – back in Geneva

I saw Josée one more time before leaving for home. She was scanning her negatives from her trip to Taiwan earlier this year. I felt very lucky to listen to her reflections on her own work. The following day, I took a flight back home. Having two homes / Avoir deux "chez-soi"   I went on a hike through the gorges…
August 29, 2017
Melanie Letore

Week 3 – Mountains and seas

I am re-reading Barjavel's "La nuit des temps" (The Ice People) - a 1960s sci-fi novel about a French expedition which discovers the remains of a lost civilisation from 900 000 years ago, buried under hundreds of metres of ice. This book made an impression on me when I read it as a teenager. I had a detached curiosity about…
September 4, 2017