Mat Hay will begin his residency blog in April 2018.

Mat Hay débutera sa résidence et ses publications sur le blog en avril 2018.

Mat Hay

Three Chapels of Sainte Anne De Beaupré

Religion has often featured within my exploration and research during this residency. These images were taken one morning at the impressive Basilica of Sainte Anne De Beaupré: an important Catholic sanctuary near Quebec City, which is apparently visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims each year.   Three images are ©Mat Hay 2018
May 7, 2018
Mat Hay

Dust clouds and Wormholes

One of my favourite films is Interstellar (2014), directed by Christopher Nolan, written by himself and his brother Jonathan. It deals with some great themes and ideas involving human migration, evolution, and survival instinct. One particularly creative and relevant element of the film is the inclusion of real life interviews with people who lived through the infamous Dust Bowl period,…
May 3, 2018
Mat Hay

The Artist’s Habitat

Great weekend had exploring the creative offerings of Montreal. This included the Papier Art Fair at Arsenal Contemporary Art, a wandering around the intriguing Belgo building (with its countless galleries, artists spaces, martial arts gyms, and dance studios), and an exploration of the amazing Habitat 67 housing complex, designed by Moshe Safdie. Following this I met with Claire Moeder who…
April 24, 2018
Mat Hay

McCord Museum and Archive

Off to explore Montreal this weekend, including a visit to the McCord Museum. Sébastien Hudon, the Artistic Director of La Bandé Video (who's offices are located downstairs within the Méduse complex) told me about the museum and its extensive online archive of over 80,000 photographs, which he uses regularly and which are available for the public to access through their…
April 19, 2018
Mat Hay

Land of the Long Day

The National Film Board of Canada - Office National du Film is a great resource for streaming documentaries and films that put a spotlight on Canada and its film makers. Land of the Long Day (1952) by Douglas Wilkinson is one of many free to watch films that I recommend. It gives insight into the traditional Inuit way of life,…
April 11, 2018
Mat Hay

Inuit Dogs

One of the most interesting elements to Wasa Wasa is the relationship the two characters have with their pack of incredibly loyal and intelligent sled-dogs. Humans have worked with dogs for tens of thousands of years, far longer than any other domesticated animals. And it is said that much of the success of the Inuit people, over other groups, to…
April 11, 2018
Mat Hay

Bonjour Quebec!

Incredibly pleased to be taking part in this Lightwaves International Residency Exchange programme, happening between Scotland and Quebec, Canada. And looking forward to contributing to this Photodialogues blog. My contribution to the blog will probably take the form of a range of thoughts, references, and photographic sketches, which in turn will help me sift through all the ideas swirling around right…
April 6, 2018