Melanie Letore completed her residency in October 2017 and hence this blog is now ordered in reverse chronology.

Melanie Letore a complété sa résidence en octobre 2017. Vous pouvez désormais consulter ses publications sur le blogue en chronologie inversée.

Melanie Letore

Quebec Day 8 – Artists at the back of my head

Sally Mann Melanie Manchot - For A Moment Between Strangers Sophie Calle - The Bronx Roman Signer, Läuten auf dem Fluss Terrence Malick - Days of Heaven Edward Hopper Outdoors photography exhibition in Montréal - photographs are mounted on the other side of this stand. The space at the back of the structure allows citizens space to sit, stand, lie down…
October 7, 2017
Melanie Letore

Quebec Day 10 – favourites from MOMENTA photo biennale

Zanele Muholi at Centre Clark - "Zanele Muholi takes inspiration from her one experience to defend and unveil the visual history of the LGBTI community". Anne-Marie Proulx at Occurrence  - On the image is written: "The landscape must be destroyed for us to move in it" (my translation). "Anne-Marie takes on the question of landscape by focusing on the relationship…
October 9, 2017
Melanie Letore

Quebec Day 11

Cycling behind Josée before giving a presentation to her photography students at Concordia University. A stop point for people with reduced mobility in the underground.
October 10, 2017
Melanie Letore

Quebec Day 12

Anne-Marie and I drove back from Montréal. At the gas stop, we queued behind a pick-up truck. There was a dead cut up moose tucked in on the end and side of the truck. It had been hunted, killed and cut up the previous day, by two hunters. Anne-Marie and I went out of the car and I took photos.…
October 11, 2017