Melanie Letore

Melanie Letore

Quebec Day 11

Cycling behind Josée before giving a presentation to her photography students at Concordia University. A stop point for people with reduced mobility in the underground.
October 10, 2017
Melanie Letore

Quebec Day 10 – favourites from MOMENTA photo biennale

Zanele Muholi at Centre Clark - "Zanele Muholi takes inspiration from her one experience to defend and unveil the visual history of the LGBTI community". Anne-Marie Proulx at Occurrence  - On the image is written: "The landscape must be destroyed for us to move in it" (my translation). "Anne-Marie takes on the question of landscape by focusing on the relationship…
October 9, 2017
Melanie Letore

Quebec Day 8 – Artists at the back of my head

Sally Mann Melanie Manchot - For A Moment Between Strangers Sophie Calle - The Bronx Roman Signer, Läuten auf dem Fluss Terrence Malick - Days of Heaven Edward Hopper Outdoors photography exhibition in Montréal - photographs are mounted on the other side of this stand. The space at the back of the structure allows citizens space to sit, stand, lie down…
October 7, 2017