Josée Pedneault completed her residency in August 2017 and hence this blog is now ordered in reverse chronology.

Josée Pedneault a complété sa résidence en août 2017. Vous pouvez désormais consulter ses publications sur le blogue en chronologie inversée.

Josee Pedneault

Day 11 – Lanyu Island 蘭嶼

Small islands are usually vulnerable territories as the population most often don't have enough political leverage to fight against powerful governmental structures, making them easy targets. In May 2017, alongside a Taiwanese friend, I visited Lanyu Island in Taiwan, also known as Orchid Island, or Ponso No Tao. It is the land of the Tao, a traditionally self-sufficient aboriginal culture…
August 23, 2017
Josee Pedneault

Day 12 – Bird Culture

From "St. Kilda - The Lonely Islands", Christopher Mylne, 1967 St. Kildans were very much dependent on birds for survival. They developed specialized techniques and skills to go up the cliffs to collect eggs and hunt birds. The cliffs where birds would nest were divided among the different families so that everyone would get a fair share of the natural resources.…
August 24, 2017
Josee Pedneault

Day 13 – Mailboat / Bateau-postal

Being isolated, the St. Kildan islanders developed a unique way to get messages to the mainland. They would craft a small boat-shape device inside which they could place a letter. The boat was sealed using lead-based paste, and attached to a buoy made out of a sheep stomach or other floating device. They would launch the apparatus into the sea,…
August 25, 2017
Josee Pedneault

Day 14 – Home made micro self published collective book

Mohammed and Rago undertook a partial translation of the book "From Dictatorship to Democracy" in Amharic and Arabic. A second meeting of the workshop « Other Libraries » took place at the CCA with a wonderful group of international participants, mostly coming from East Africa and the Middle East, who are currently seeking asylum in the UK. We were using flatbed scanners…
August 26, 2017
Josee Pedneault

Day 15 – Vieques

Anonymous. Vieques photo archives. The history of Vieques ever since Spanish colonization is a history of struggle and resistance. Located off the coast of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, Vieques is one of the United States unincorporated territory, a status vague enough as to open the door for colonial-type of abuses. As a matter of fact, in 1945, the US…
August 27, 2017